29 years oldBerlin, DE

Join: Task List

We have many different tasks (you can also take on several) and are looking forward to every application. Since our work is voluntary, we don't expect you to always find time for your tasks. If you are inactive for a longer period of time, we will note this in your status and you can join again at any time.

Map Designer*in

With our created Tilesets, you can create beautiful maps. You work closely together with our Game Manager. So that the map can be used in the game, you create it in our web editor:

Pixel Graphics

You pixel items, monsters, charsets, tilesets and other game content.


You draw monsters and other game content.

Apply now

We don't need a formal application from you. We believe you prove yourself best by fulfilling one of the above tasks and trying out whether you like it in our team. Just write a message in our #bewerben Discord Channel.

For our internal communication we use Discord, so it would be important that you are more often online and read news there. We also use the task manager tool Trello to coordinate our tasks. As soon as you are part of the team, you will receive an invitation.

  Discord Chat
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