hakunoThe journey begins with you

Explore the worlds of Hakuno

The worlds of hakuno are vast and mysterious. Together with your friends you can meet different characters and hakus. You will wander through different landscapes, times of day and seasons. Hakuno is your completely free monster MMORPG, powered by volunteers.

Tame, train and breed your Hakus

Hakus are monster-like creatures that also live in hakuno. Many of them are almost extinct and can only survive with the help of the so-called Tamers who breed them.

Hakus hatch from mystical eggs. In order to breed, the Tamers must find valuable items in the world.

Once a Haku has hatched, it can be traded or trained. Hakus can perform evolutions and become stronger and more loyal friends.

Turn-based battles

In Hakuno you always fight with two Hakus at the same time against your opponents. In turn-based combat you can choose between different abilities of your Hakus. The fight isn't easy because your Hakus have limited stamina to perform their abilities, which will be recharged in a new fight.


Co-op with other players

Never play alone. Together with your friends or new contacts, you can easily travel in group mode and engage in battles together. The experience points are shared between you, but there is a bonus when you play together.

You can also join guilds and explore hakuno with many people.

Play it on your smartphone

Install the game on your homescreen and play from everywhere, optimized for mobile and touch devices.

Join the community in Discord

We need your feedback. We would be happy if you take part in Discord discussions. We are also urgently looking for team members.

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Our Pledge

Hakuno is a non-commercial MMORPG in the browser and is run by volunteers. The game is completely free. Nevertheless we are happy about donations for graphic commissions and server costs.

Our goal is to release the first alpha version at the end of 2019. To achieve this, we are looking for more team members.

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